Tranquility Necklace Candle

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Lush green notes of lemongrass paired with spicy, warm ginger


Tranquility is a state of peace and quiet! Let our ‘Tranquility’ eco-friendly candle help you find your zen with warm calming ginger and elevated scents of lemongrass. Natural coconut wax is hand-poured into a 12oz./340 gram stately black glass with a 100% braided cotton wick that burns clean, without smoke or soot. To add to your serene experience, a 925 Sterling silver necklace is hidden in our lovely ‘Tranquility’ candle for you to discover as it burns.

You can purchase out Candles in the Hudson Bay and stores & small boutiques throughout Canada and the USA. 


  • Hand-poured in Canada
  • Candle volume: 340g / 12oz
  • Coconut Wax
  • 100% cotton braided wicks
  • Luxury fragrance with excellent release
  • No soot or smoke
  • Reusable artistic glass
  • Sulfate, paraben & phthalate free
  • No animal testing

*Jewelry in picture is an example of the many beautiful styles that you could reveal.

Candle - As your candle burns, a quality 925 sterling silver jewelry piece will be revealed, carefully wrapped in protective foil. Make sure the candle is out before carefully removing the foil covered jewelry piece. We recommend using tweezers.

Bath Bombs - As your bath bomb dissolves in the bath, a capsule will float. Inside the water-resistant capsule, the jewelry piece will be sealed in a protective bag.

Your 925 silver jewelry piece will not only be amazing but could be valued up to $6,000!

To find out the value of your 925 silver jewelry piece click here!