About Us

Our team created Jewel Within with you in mind! We make each product by hand and with love to bring a little excitement and luxury to your day. To make your experience special we operate under six words: Unique, Quality, Integrity, Positivity, and Giving Back.

We believe in originality to offer you unique products that you won’t see anywhere else.  We provide you with the option to choose your preferred type of jewelry and size (when applicable) in each of our products.

All our products are hand-crafted in Canada using naturally sourced ingredients. We stand by the quality of our products. Why? Because you deserve the best!

We operate with integrity, efficiency, and transparency. We want you to have the best experience with us -  from finding our website to enjoying your product and uncovering the jewelry hidden within.

We enjoy making Jewel Within products for you! We know how much the excitement builds while you enjoy your product and wait for the jewel within to appear!

We source our beautiful jewelry from manufacturers from all over the world and only accept pieces that meet our high standard. Our products are also sourced from ingredients from Canada and USA so that you can have a luxury experience at an affordable price.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and new product/jewelry ideas! Plus we love to hear your feedback so contact us!