Where can I order Jewel Within? 

All Jewel Within products are sold wholesale to shops across Canada, USA and the world through FAIRE. 

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Are your wicks lead free?
Yes, the candlewicks are indeed cotton braided without any lead in them—as part of Jewel Within’s high standards of delivering natural and wholesome products.Some of candles also have 100% Bamboo Wood Wicks.
What wax is used in the Candles?
Our wax is a soya blend or coconut wax. 


Do all the bath bombs colour the bath water?
Some of our bath bombs do not contain colour. 
My vanilla bath bomb has darkened. Is it ok to use?‘Natural’ vanilla—naturally—darkens as it matures. Be assured, your bath bomb is perfectly safe to use. Enjoy and send us your opinion!
My bath bomb has a small crack will it still work?
Since we place jewelry in the centre of one of the bath bombs or due to the package being handled by shipping a small crack can appear. Your bath bomb will still have the same hydrating, fizzy and bubble effects!


What is the jewelry made of?
All of our jewelry is 925 Silver. 
How to I take care of my jewelry? Please read our How to Care for Your Jewelry article.
What are the chances of discovering a jewelry piece worth $6,000?There is a 1 in 200,000 chance to uncover a golden ticket in your Jewel Within Product valued at $1,000 to $4000, and 1 in 100,000 chance to uncover a golden ticket in your Jewel Within Product valued at $5,000 to $6,000. If you have found a golden ticket please visit our How It Works page or if you would like to read the Official Rules and Regulations please click here



My product was damaged, what should I do? Please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you!

What is the Jewel Within Privacy Policy? Visit our Privacy Policy page.


Where do I find the Official Rules and Regulations for the current contest?
Each time we hold a contest no purchase is necessary and the Official Rules and Regulations will be listed on the contest page. If you can not locate the Official Rules and Regulations you can request a copy by email. Please Contact Us and include the contest name.