Are Bath Bombs Safe For Children?

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on October 25 2021

You love how bath bombs improve your time in the tub, but children can find the fizz, colours, and scent just as appealing. Because many of these products are made for grown-ups, it’s easy to think that they aren’t suitable for little ones. This isn’t true! 

Bath bombs can be safe for children, but it depends on the ingredients used to make the product. Something made with all-natural ingredients, even if the packaging says it’s for mom, can be used by children, too!

Bath Bombs Are Good For The Skin

Children have more sensitive skin than adults because their outer layer of skin is less thick. Their skin cells are less tight, their sweat glands aren’t as active, and the natural fats and oils that protect skin later in life aren’t present. This makes children more susceptible to rashes and eczema caused by harsh chemicals. A bath product made with natural ingredients is completely safe even for the sensitive skin of a child. 

This means that parents should carefully read the list of ingredients for every product, even those advertised as safe and natural. This includes bath bombs, as many include an ingredient called sodium laureate sulphate or SLES. Many companies include SLES, even those devoted “natural” products because it adds extra foaming action. The problem is that SLES can irritate the skin, making them bad for people with eczema and psoriasis… and bad for children, too.

Jewel Within bath bombs were made with sensitive skin in mind, and this makes them ideal for children. Our products get their benefits from natural, moisturizing ingredients like coconut and apricot kernel oils with no SLES or parabens. 

Bath Bombs Can Replace Bubble Baths

One way to make bath time more appealing for kids is to add bubbles. Traditional bubble baths are often made with lathering agents, artificial fragrances and colours, and other chemical ingredients. Bath bombs can be made for children, but if they have natural ingredients, they’re the pretty much same as the bath bombs made for adults. Kid's will still get bright colours and a fragrance they’ll love, and you’ll feel great about what you’re putting in their bath. 

Bubble baths, especially those made with harsh soaps and fragrances, often cause urinary tract infections in children. It’s hard to rinse off all that soapy residue, and what’s left can irritate sensitive areas. Bath bombs made from natural materials and essential oils won’t cause these kinds of infections. 

Kids can love bath bombs because they’re colourful and fizzy, and you can safely use them to replace the bubble bath solution. Even if your children don’t enjoy them for the same reasons you do, bath bombs can make bath time a lot of fun. You might want to claim the sterling silver surprise for yourself, though!