How To Clean 925 Silver Jewelry

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on October 25 2021

925 silver has a “sterling” reputation for its beauty and ability to accommodate just about any clothing or other jewelry. But it also has a reputation for tarnishing. In reality, tarnish only becomes a problem if the proper steps for its care aren’t followed, but most people don’t know these steps!

Whatever surprise you find in your Jewel Within candle or bath product, here’s how you can keep it looking its best!


Why Does Real 925 Silver Tarnish?

925 silver tarnishes for the same reason it’s so accommodating. The part that makes 925 silver jewelry safe for the vast majority of people with skin sensitivities is the 7.5% copper that rounds out the rest of the metal. Most 925 silver (which is 92.5% real silver) uses copper to give it the strength it needs to withstand everyday pressure. It’s a necessity because pure silver jewelry wouldn’t keep its shape. But the copper content also means 925 silver tarnishes as it is exposed to the moisture and pollutants in the air. The resulting chemical reaction from this exposure causes the metal to lose its lustre. When this copper dulls, the silver jewelry does, too, and you get the brownish look of tarnish.

Luckily, cleaning silver jewelry (and keeping it clean) is pretty easy!

Cleaning 925 Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry can regain its lustre with a special polish. Using a non-abrasive cloth free of lint or dust, polish the jewelry in long lines rather than circular motions; circles will make any scratches the jewelry has sustained more prominent. Don’t use paper towels or tissue to perform the polishing, as the fibres of these materials can scratch the silver.

If you don’t want to shell out for silver polish, combine baking soda and water into a paste, dabbing it in small dots on the jewelry and polishing it with a clean cloth in the same circulate motions you would otherwise. If this isn’t doing the trick, soak the jewelry for a couple of hours in a mix of two tablespoons of baking soda in half a cup of vinegar. Clean off with warm water and your jewelry should look good as new!

Keeping Your 925 Silver Jewelry Clean

While 925 silver jewelry might tarnish easily, it also stays shiny easily if you store it in the correct manner. One of the best ways to preserve your jewelry is also the most fun: wearing it! The oils on your skin keep the silver looking lustrous and polished, giving it natural protection from oxidation. Don’t wear it while you’re using lotions, aerosols like hair spray, and cosmetics, as they can increase oxidation and tarnishing.

When you’re not wearing it, keep the jewelry out of the sunlight and in a place with low humidity. Putting it in an airtight bag might look a bit silly, but it’s the best way to keep it looking great! Add a silica pack, some chalk, or activated charcoal to the bag to suck more of the moisture out of the air in the bag or box you’re keeping it in. Let us know f you have any care questions regarding your Jewel Within products today!