How To Safely Set Up Candles Around Your Bath

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on October 25 2021

Scented candles can provide the perfect ambience for a relaxing bath, but they need to be set up safely around your bath. After all, a candle is still an open flame, and you can enjoy it best when you don’t have to worry about where it’s set up!


Don’t Put The Candle On A Thin Ledge

This is one of the most important rules for candle safety. Most people instinctively place the candle on the edge of your tub, but unless you have a very wide edge, this isn’t a safe place for it. Never place a candle in a spot where it could easily be knocked over because even though the bathroom is lots of ceramic surfaces, it also contains a lot of fabrics – your clothes, towels, and bathroom tissues could all easily catch fire.

If your bathroom has a window that you like to keep open, don’t set the candle on the ledge. Don’t even put it on the ledge in the first place unless it is deep enough to hold the entire base of the candle.

Put The Candle In The Middle Of A Stable Surface

This is rule 1, and the best place to put your scented candle is in the middle of the bathroom counter. If you are placing it on the counter, remember to move any hand towels or toilet paper away from the candle. If you need the candle to be closer to the bathtub, try and set up a small, sturdy table that is made of a heat-resistant material. Do not leave it on the floor where it can be easily kicked over when you’re stepping out of the tub.

Light The Candle Just Before You Get In The Tub

Don’t light the candle and then get set up, but rather make lighting it the last thing you do before settling into your bath. You should never leave the room with a candle burning because if something does go wrong, you might not get back in time to stop the flame from spreading. So draw a nice hot bath, get your book, your wine, your music, toss a bath bomb into the water, and then light your candle.

Don’t Burn Too Many Candles At Once

The ideal situation, as presented on TV, is a bathroom with wall-to-wall candlelight. This is a bad idea because unless the bathroom is well ventilated, the air exchange could be very limited in this part of the house. You could run the bathroom fan, but that means having a loud noise to ruin the ambience. Stick with one or two candles at most. If you choose one with a strong, high-quality scent, there won’t be a need for any more than one!