Are Candles Healthy For You?

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on August 21 2021

People usually enjoy scented candles for their ambiance, but did you know that these candles can also contain health benefits? The healthy enjoyment of a candle starts with clean ingredients. While a lack of impurities doesn’t mean that the candle will improve your health, a properly chosen candle will bring some surprising benefits!


What Makes A Candle “Healthy”?

A healthy candle uses safe ingredients that won’t increase your toxic load or cause negative physical reactions. The company must choose the right material to make their waxes, wicks, and the scent of their candles:

  • The Candle Wax: Most candles are now made with petroleum byproducts like paraffin, and these ingredients release toxins like benzene and toluene into the air. Frequently indoor use can trigger allergic reactions and asthma, and might even cause long-term health issues. 

Every Jewel Within Candle we pour is made with a proprietary soy-wax blend, keeping them completely free from parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. They also don’t give off any soot or smoke!

  • The Wick: Did you know that wicks used to be made with lead cores? A “core” in a wick ensures that it doesn’t fall over, but many candles used metal cores that would release toxins when heated. Any candle made before the use of lead was banned in 2003 could potentially have a harmful core, meaning if you find an old candle in your home, don’t light it until you’re sure. Though it’s rare, some American candles have been found to have traces of heavy metals in them. 

The braided wicks used in Jewel Within candles are made only from cotton, the cleanest material we could use!

  • The Scents: Scented candles use fragrance oils that are released into the air as the wax is heated. Many conventional candles use artificial fragrances that can give off toluene, benzene, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Even if they are safe, the improper release of a scent can create health problems. Too much fragrance in the air can affect those who are prone to migraines or have asthma. 

Jewel Within candles are scented with safe, natural fragrances. The wax releases them properly so that you can enjoy the aromas without getting a sensory overload!


How Candles Can Improve Health

You can trust a quality candle, made without chemical byproducts, to not give off harmful fumes and VOCs. But can a candle actually improve your health? 

Yes, it can, just not in the way a bad candle would harm your health!

A good candle can create much-needed stress relief through aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a wellness treatment that uses essential oils to create positive sensory experiences. Candles that use essential oils for their scents can have calming properties, as they signal the parts of the brain that help the body relax. 

It’s not just the soothing scents, though! The soft light given off by a candle creates an atmosphere more conducive to meditation and relaxation. The gentle illumination doesn’t overload the senses, and the brain associates this with calm and relaxation. You’ll find that candlelight used by itself before bedtime will improve your sleep, bringing more long-term health benefits.

It’s important to pick a scent you like when choosing a candle for healthy relaxation. For example, if you don’t enjoy lavender (a scent commonly associated with relaxation), you shouldn’t light a lavender candle hoping that it will work. Your body will relax with scents that the brain knows you’ll enjoy, and for some people, these are more invigorating scents like citrus. Regardless of your tastes, the wide range of Jewel Within candles makes it easy to find the exact scent to help you!