Home Relaxation

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on October 25 2021

Home—the place we’d usually retreat to after working or come back to after traveling or doing some other kind of activity.  But now it’s where we do everything: business, work, play, exercise, socialize by communicating on line etc.

So more than ever we need ways to relax at home and take that ever needed “me time”. We have complied a list of ideas for you to find things or ways to achieve that state of relaxation and maintain positive mental health.

Home Relaxation Ideas:

That book you have been wanting to read, well this is the time! Whether you plan to re-read a classic novel, enjoy a favourite comic or plan to check out a latest release, its time to enrich your mind.  Grab a class of wine, find a comfy spot and read! Click Here to find books that have just been released.

Dust off that guitar, warm up those vocal chords, its time for you to get musical. Its time to pick up a forgotten talent or learn for the first time. Music is an amazing de-stresser. For online guitar check out the Fender app.

A lit candle can illuminate our very special place and fill it with a distinct aroma to bring inspiration and enlightenment and enhance reading or listening to an inspirational message. 

Yoga is a great way to let go of all the stress that living and working at home brings.  Focusing on meditation and strengthening the body can bring harmony to everyday life. Plus a Jewel Within candle can sweeten the air with its aroma while you clear your thoughts.You can find yoga classes online from Youtube to Apps like FitOn.

While this might not sound relaxing, learning a new skill that interests you will help you focus on something other than repetitive housework and office work. You will feel refreshed and be enriching your mind and life. Check out MasterClass for a wide catalog of topics.

A stroll in your neighbourhood or local wildlife conservation is an amazing way to relieve stress.* Listen to your favourite pod cast, music or just take in the sounds of nature. Even taking a moment to sit in the grass and reflect on the beauty of nature is refreshing.

*Please be safe and listen to authorities in your area on where you can walk during COVID-19.

You can create an in-home spa by playing your favourite music and relaxing in a bath that is filled with colour and bubbles from an aromatic luscious bath bomb that is nothing short of being therapeutic. 

Quarantine is definitely challenging but can we turn it into an opportunity for positive self-reflection, readjusting priorities, evaluating relationships, discovering creative ideas, otherwise buried in our usual hurried lifestyle. And when enough is enough, we can take that ‘me time’!  Home-time, we can make it work!