How Can I Make Candles Last Longer?

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on October 25 2021

Did you know there is a proper way to burn a candle? It’s not just about treating them safely; proper burning helps the candle last longer! Follow these tips to make sure you get more out of your Jewel Within candle.

Burn It Longer On The First Use

This might sound funny, but you can help a candle burn evenly by keeping it lit for a few hours the first time you use it. The top layer of wax should be melted completely to both sides of the glass. Don’t just light it for a few minutes, but fully commit to burning the candle the first time you enjoy it!

This is because – and please bear with us here – candle wax has a “memory.” The first melt sets how the candle will melt in future lightings. It “remembers” where the melt went the first time and will follow this path. If the wax doesn’t melt the surface completely, it can tunnel down the middle, wasting both wax and fragrance.

Regularly Trim The Wick

The wick that comes with every Jewel Within candle burns very cleanly as it absorbs the wax. The choice of material we use means no soot or black smoke will come off the candle as it burns. However, maintaining the wick is still important to keep the candle burning longer! 

Trim the wick after every use, because a long wick will burn the candle wax down faster. Make sure it’s roughly as long as it was when you bought it, only a few millimeters above the surface. Trim with a pair of kitchen scissors when the candle wax has resolidified.

Don’t Burn The Candle In A Drafty Area

A candle put in a breezy area will consume the wax much more quickly. The draft can feed the flame, increasing the intake of wax and fragrant oils up the wick. When using candles, close your windows, keep the candle out of drafty parts of the home, and don’t place them next to vents.

This is also a safety issue. You don’t want the candle to be placed where it could be knocked over! Keep the candle off window ledges, unless the window is closed and the ledge is deep enough to support the entire base.

Keep The Candle Clean

A dirty candle full of broken wicks and dust will hinder the melt, causing it to burn unevenly. If there are too much dust and debris floating in the wax, the wick can become clogged and it won’t be able to draw up the fragrant oil. Put a lid on the candle between uses to prevent dust from accumulating on the surface. If you’ve left it uncovered, wipe it clean with a microfibre cloth or a slightly damp paper towel before lighting the wick.