How to Care for Your Jewelry

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on October 25 2021

So you’ve uncovered a sparkling 925 silver piece of jewelry from your Jewel Within product and it looks amazing! It’s classy and you can see yourself wearing it on many occasions. But did you know that silver tarnishes over time when exposed to certain elements?

You certainly don’t want that happening to your new lovely piece of jewelry! So now what?

With a little care and proper storage, you can prolong the life of your sterling silver jewelry. Here are some basic pointers:

  • Keep your jewelry away from chlorine bleach and other household cleaning products that can slowly erode its finish over time.

  • Remove your sterling silver jewelry before such activities as swimming, showering, washing dishes, etc.

  • For storage, the best way to store your sterling silver is in a pouch or find a separate place in your jewelry box. Keep it separate! Keep it safe!

If you do get your silver jewelry dirty or need a refresh on its shine, here are some basic cleaning steps:

Step 1: Line a medium-sized bowl with aluminum foil and fill it with hot water.

Step 2: Mix in one tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent and soak your jewelry for one minute.

Step 3: Remove and then rinse in fresh, cool water.

Step 4: Use a cleaning cloth made of 100% cotton (without nubs) and polish.

Step 5: Let your jewelry air dry before returning it to storage.

If you have a piece with heavy tarnish, there is still hope! Soak the jewelry in a gentle solution of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tbsp. baking soda (be prepared for the fizzing!) for two to three hours, then rinse and dry as in the previous steps mentioned.

With periodic, light cleaning of your jewelry and proper storage, your silver pieces will last for a lifetime and more.

Who knew a little elbow grease will keep your Jewel Within jewelry looking shiny and you looking classy in 925 sterling silver!

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