Our Favourite Spring Jewelry Styles and Patterns

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on September 28 2021

Trendy jewelry can change every so often, even with the seasons, but the trends themselves can be harder to spot. Spring 2019 might be an exception, because there are quite a few patterns and styles that will stand out, even to those who aren’t paying attention. You won’t have to make a statement if you don’t want to – this list of our favourite spring jewelry has something for everyone!

Mismatched Earrings: A Trending Jewerly Style

2019 is no time to be a stickler for symmetry – mismatched earrings are not just a thing, but a top trend this spring! Many jewelry makers are embracing it, crafting beautiful earrings that are slightly different from each other in the pair, but this can be a DIY trend, too. Some of the bolder runway designers are doing complete mismatches, but if you have pairs that are almost identical and made from the same material, see which ones might accommodate each other!

Layered Jewelry Style

Layering your jewelry means stacking a few pieces on top of or next to each other, like thin and chunky chains, bracelets, and rings. It was a look perfected by designer Coco Chanel, and like many other trends in the fashion world, old is new again. Layered jewelry is a great way to mix and match your favourite pieces and get some more use out of stuff that might not get to see the light of day all that often. Avoid going above five pieces of jewelry on top of each other, though – while Chanel is in, the “Mr. T” look isn’t quite back yet!

Beads Are Back

Beads are back in style, and they’re a fashion anyone can afford. Just pick your favourite colours and step out into spring in style. Coloured enamel is huge this year, but anything bold, bohemian, and unconventional will make head turns. Glass and stonework just as well, and extra points if you make the jewelry yourself!  

Minimalist Sterling Silver Jewelry Style

Minimalist sterling silver jewelry is one of the very few kinds of jewelry that could honestly be described as “timeless”. Wherever you go this spring, one of the best accessories you could add is shiny, practical silver. You’ll only find sterling silver jewelry in Jewel Within candles and bath products because it’s a classic material that is also durable and easy to care for.

Chunky Rings And Bracelets

Make a statement with your rings and bracelets this spring. Chunky pieces made from one type of metal – sterling silver, for example – are a top trend this year. They can upgrade any outfit, from casual looks to formal wear, but be sure not to crowd them out with other big pieces. While we love layering this spring, too many “big” rings or bracelets will crowd your look, making your “bold statement” seem more like “yelling” – remember the rule of fives!