The Best Way To Burn Candles Safely In Your Home

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on August 18 2021

Jewel Within takes candles seriously, and we take candle safety seriously, too. Any open flame should be used with caution, no matter how small it is, and candles should be treated delicately for the safety of your home and family. Here are some tips to remember before you light one of our candles to ensure your burning jewelry candles safely in your home!

How Do Candles Work?

It sounds pretty simple – the wick catches fire, the wax keeps it burning, right? In fact, it only looks like the wick is on fire; what the wick actually does is support the flame. The wax is the part that’s burning, and this happens because the wick absorbs molten wax up to the flame, where it ignites and vaporises. This is why the wick, despite being made from a flimsy material like cotton, can last for so long – it’s only acting like a conduit for the fuel of the flame

This is an incredibly hot process. The vapour being burned by the flame produces most of the light and heat, and it can reach temperatures of up to 800 degrees Celsius. This it’s crucial to burn candles safely in your home!

Burn Candles Safely In The Home

Safety doesn’t mean a damper on enjoying your candle, and if you treat candles with the delicacy and attention they deserve, you’ll be able to enjoy them better!:

  • It starts with the surface on which you place the candle. Only place the lit candle on a surface that is stable and heat-resistant. No matter how new it is, the jar can get very hot.

  • “Stable” is key. Don’t place the candle on a ledge or the floor where it can easily be knocked over.

  • Always keep the candle away from open windows, open vents, and curtains. These are sensitive areas, and the candle could be blown over or the flame could spread to the fabric.

Jewel Within’s candles will last for a long time, but you can give some TLC to help it burn evenly, cleanly, and for much longer:

  • Always trim the wick after every use. Like we said earlier, the wick isn’t actually burning, but after a while, it will actually burn. It’s taking 800 degrees of heat after all! Trimming prevents the collection of soot on the glass and makes for a cleaner burn the next time you light the candle.

  • Burn for four hours at a time, maximum. It saves the candle, keeps it from getting too hot, and prevents the wick from collecting too much soot.

  • When it does get towards the end, don’t let it burn down right to the glass; snuff it out when it gets too close to the bottom of the jar.

There is one very basic rule that is more common sense than anything else, but it never hurts to be reminded: never leave a burning candle out of your line of sight. If you have to leave the room or home, extinguish the candle. Enjoy the scent but don’t be forgetful. If it’s getting late, snuff it out when you’re getting tired. Never leave it up to chance!