Twenty Occasions To Give A Gift With A Jewelry Surprise Inside

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on August 21 2021

Are you looking for a present that really wows your giftee? How about one our jewelry bath bombs or bath bomb sets? Our We only had space to list 20 here, but whatever the moment, the recipient will find your present thoughtful, unique, and useful. Because with our bath bombs, you’re not just giving them something to help with a relaxing bath – you’re giving them an extra special surprise, too!

1. Birthdays

Two gifts for the price of one will make it a very happy birthday for your loved one. Especially if they find a piece of jewelry that’s worth $6,000!

2. Anniversaries

A Jewel Within sterling silver surprise fits perfectly with an anniversary milestone!

3. As a wedding gift… 

The perfect way to pamper the newlyweds.

4. …or a bridal shower…

So the couple doesn’t have to fight over the jewelry. 

5. …or to welcome the people in your bridal party!

A bath bomb collection that reflects each member of your bridal party is a great way to thank them for helping you out on your special day!

6. Graduations

School is long, tiresome, and takes a lot out of a person. Why not help the student in your life melt away those academic worries with a bath bomb made with natural aromatic oils?

7. Winter Holidays

Whatever the winter celebration, our bath bomb collections will feel special when the recipient finds their sterling silver jewelry. An especially wonderful gift for those who are hard to please!

8. Mother’s Day

Mom deserves a day in her own personal spa, and this means a nice book, a glass of wine, and a hot bath (not to mention being left alone!). When she finds the jewelry inside the bath bomb you give her, you’ll have made her Mother’s Day complete!

9. Don’t forget Father’s Day!

Hey, dads can enjoy a calming bath too!

10. To celebrate retirement

Help your favourite retiree celebrate decades of hard work with a nice soak and some jewelry. They’ve definitely earned it!

11. As a thank-you gift

Did a friend or family member go above and beyond when you needed help? Thank them with a special bath bomb collection. The jewelry surprise inside is a unique way of saying you appreciate their help!

12. For a baby shower

There’s nothing a new mom needs more than a relaxing bath to soothe her body after giving birth. The ingredients in our handmade bath bombs will relieve the aches and pains, and the jewelry surprise will lift her spirits.

13. A Get Well Soon gift

A nice aromatic bath can help relieve the symptoms of many illnesses. If they’re too sick to get in the bath, they can save it as a little treat for when they feel better!

14. A good luck gift before a big day

Big exam the next day? High-pressure job interview in the morning? Is the championship on the line and they’re about to crack from the pressure? Give them a bath bomb to help them relax. The jewelry inside will let them know you’re thinking of them.

15. A housewarming

Help your loved one inaugurate their new bathtub with a bath bomb collection and a piece of lovely sterling silver jewelry.

16. Sending someone off to college

If you’re seeing a child or loved one off on their first steps toward adulthood, pack them off with a bath bomb collection. They’ll need to relax; plus they could always use an extra piece of jewelry!

17. They’re finally off to college

What better way to help someone celebrate finally getting their bathroom back?

18. Any general congratulations

A bath bomb is a good way on its own, but what better way to feel special than them finding real sterling silver jewelry on top of it?

19. Honeymoons

Bring some bath bombs along to your destination for a relaxing, romantic evening, and maybe you’ll uncover something extra special!

20. Just because!

You don’t always need an occasion to give a gift. If you just want to show your appreciation for someone with a unique gift, a Jewel Within bath bomb is a guaranteed winner.