What do for Mom on Mother’s Day

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on August 21 2021

Mother’s Day is coming up! Gosh and its COVID-19 lockdown. Well, cross that dinner out off the list or that overnight trip. What can you do to make this day special for your Mom?

Whether you are in same home or separated due to COVID-19, we have fun ideas to make this Mother’s day special for your Mom!

If you are in the same home:

  1. Homemade Gifts – It’s time to take a trip down memory lane. Put photos together in a memory book. Decoupage a makeup brush holder. Find your inner creativity! See what beautiful items you can make with any craft supplies you have at home. Here is a great link for examples from House Beautiful
  2. Gift Hunt – Ordered gifts online? Make it fun by making a gift hunt for your Mom! Here are some great ideas from Scavenger Hunt
  3. Special Dinner – If you can cook, make something special. Try a new dessert or make her favourite. If you can’t cook, no worries! Support local by ordering from her favourite restaurant and dessert bakeries. Here are some great ideas from Delish
  4. Movie Night – if she loves movies, then make a theatre experience in your own home. Print tickets for her favourite flick, make the popcorn and pour the drink of choice. Enjoying a movie together as family is something a mother can always enjoy!
  5. At home Spa Night – Grab a Jewel Within bath bomb & candle, a bottle of wine and her favourite book. What an amazing gift! Peace, relaxation and quite. Plus a she will have a new jewelry piece to enjoy! After she as done with her pamper session make sure to have a nice hot cup of tea waiting. Check out our bath bombs here.
  6. The classic Breakfast in Bed  – Last but not least! A timeless classic we would 1,000% recommend. Check out ideas from Country Living

If you are not in the same home:

  1. Lawn Sign & Decorations – if you live close, what would be more fun than declaring to the neighbourhood that you love your mom! Set up a sign, balloons, be creative! We know your Mom will be so surprised!
  2. Send her a handmade present or card – be creative! Think of things your Mom would love that you can make at home. How special to receive a gift that she will love and that you made specially for her! Not that crafty? A handmade card is always appreciated. For ideas check out Good Housekeeping for card ideas.
  3. Send her a Spa in a box – We have so many to choose from! Love You Mom Gift Box, Spa Gift Box. Give her the gift of relaxation! Check out our Gift Boxes.
  4. Make a Video – In the age of technology, how much fun would it to make a video for your Mom. You could sing a song you wrote, write a poem or even just tell her how much she means to you!

These are just a few fun suggestions. Think outside the box this Mother’s Day. You want to make this day special for your Mom because she is amazing! Your Mom will appreciate it!