What Is 925 Silver?

Written by Jewel Within


Posted on October 25 2021

In every Jewel Within candle, wax melt, and bath bomb, you’ll find an extra surprise: real sterling silver jewelry! It’s always exciting to see what you get inside. But do you ever wonder what makes sterling silver different from regular silver?

It’s all in the name! Well, not the name “sterling silver”, but in another moniker. You’ll sometimes see us describe the jewelry in our candles as “925 silver”. It’s a catchy title that describes the amount of fine metal in the finished product. 925 is very fine, and it tells you that your jewelry is not just durable, but high quality!

Why 925 Silver?

The “925” in 925 silver refers to the fact that it contains 92.5% silver, with the remaining 7.5% made up of other metals, mostly copper. This is very important for the making of sterling silver jewelry that will hold up under pressure because pure silver (which isn’t actually pure itself) is incredibly soft and malleable. It’s known in the industry as “fine silver”, and it’s generally 99.9% silver, with .1% another metal, usually copper.

However, fine silver isn’t great for making jewelry because it’s prone to damage under the slightest circumstances. To make this precious metal into jewelry that will actually stand the test of time, fine silver has to be combined with another metal to give extra hardness. Usually, this means adding much more copper to the mix, making the finished product sterling silver.

925 silver, then, has 925 parts of silver per 1000, with the remaining 75 parts being copper. This is the best amount to make durable jewelry that still carries the lustre of this beautiful metal. It also makes sterling silver one of the best materials for making jewelry of all kinds.

Why is 925 Silver Jewelry Important?

925 silver is extremely versatile. The material allows jewelry to craft rings, necklaces, and bracelets that will last a lifetime, while the appearance means it can go with just about every outfit, no matter the colour.  It’s also a rare one in that it rarely, if ever, goes out of style!

We like sterling silver jewelry for its durability, but what makes it especially perfect for our customers is that sterling silver is hypoallergenic. That additional 7.5% metal added is never going to be a material like brass or nickel, which many jewelry wearers discover they are allergic to the hard way. 925 silver is great for the vast majority of people, so you can pop that ring on your finger as soon as it’s revealed!

They do require a little care, of course. While sterling silver does tarnish (thanks to the copper), it’s still an easy metal to maintain. For example, wearing 925 silver rings regularly can actually keep them shiny, because the oils on your skin clean the metal. If it is getting a little tarnished, a spot of silver polish and some elbow grease will have it looking great in no time!

Jewel Within candles, bath products, and wax melts are a great way to both relax and build up your jewelry collection. The versatility of 925 also means they’re great gifts for that hard-to-buy-for friend. With the chance of finding a piece of 925 silver jewelry worth up to $6,000, it’s definitely a great purchase regardless!